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    Natural Crystal一Water lactose

    Improved sphere一Water lactose

    Modified sphere anhydrous lactose

    Used For: powder mixing, capsule / granule filling, pellet core, dry powder inhalation, wet granulation, premixing.

    Used for: direct powder mixing tableting, direct capsule/granule filling, replacing wet granulation, reducing equipment and process verification, and improving finished product yield.

    Used For: direct powder mixing tablet, direct capsule / granule filling. Most suitable for formulations where the active ingredient is not stable to moisture.

    Crystal powder

    Crystalline direct pressed powder

    Waterless direct pressed powder

    T-60 Mesh

    Z-60 Mesh

    W-60 Mesh

    T-80 Mesh

    Z-80 Mesh

    W-80 Mesh

    T-100 Mesh

    Z-100 Mesh

    W-100 Mesh

    T-120 Mesh

    Z-120 Mesh

    W-120 Mesh

    T-200 Mesh


    Other (can be customized according to customer requirements)


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